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    When we say a word, if we are familiar with the linguistic implication contracts of that word, an abstractive image of that word will form in our awareness. everyday, we in  language, don’t use a sign out of the range of tools that make the contracts, because our goal is to establish relationship and the relationship is based on the familiar contracts.

    In today’s Cosmopolitans world, is it always possible to use the familiar contracts? Does the global agreement on the use of English language as the international language mean the familiarity of all people with all English language implication contracts? How much is far fetched, imagining a sign that creates an image of one thing in the mind of all people in the absence of that thing?

    On the basis of bible tower fiction, the differences in language and cultures causes the people to fight with each other and This is a punishment and torment hard by the gods that put the human in the abyss of multilingualism  and distress, while before that time, all the people spoke the same language. And this means that in some legendary days, there was a natural and substantive relation between the vocable of a word and its physical truth, or All people have agreed on the contracts of a communicational system.

    In this work, I looked for Signifiers that replace the Linguistic signifiers. The element of Smell for me is like an Signifier that creates a chain of signifieds in the mind. Although this Signifiers (Smell) according to the society and the culture of each person, will create a circle of different signifieds in the mind, but it is devoid of Linguistic misunderstandings. Religion, lust, wealth, racism/selfishness, fame, ignorance and peace, are my selected words,  that by adding the element of smell and without referring to their names, separate rooms and spaces will be considered for them. Thus, I will look for the role of smell in the formation of the Signified chain in the mind of the visitors that won’t be according to the initial idea of the work creator, and this Signifier unintentionally and suddenly will throw the audience to an unknown place in his mind and memories.