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    The lost ring of food chain which connects the sky, land and sea cycle may be an extinction- exposed crustacean scientifically known as Artemia. However, whereas human activities are always oriented towards compliance with the exchange value law, therefore, always the consumption rules are prioritized by the mankind and not the natural ecologic rules. Therefore, according to the modern consumerist humans, such norm is represented as an abnormal natural issue and a compulsory matter.

    However, manifestation of such gradual death in the living cycle is represented in a part of the book under the abstract presence of an unknown being while in fact the final diagram of lifecycle ate the diagrams of Artemia living environment.

    Urmia Lake, or the same water pit in the consecutiveness of the diagrams taken from its site during time has been identified in this artist book and in fact through color plays, from blue to white, it manifests its lifecycle for any observer. Such cycle which may be chosen in terms of commencement and finishing as per the discretion of the reader and in the manner of attitude on the work and decision on starting to view such procedure on each side of the book;

    Finally, what remains is the mankind’s decisiveness in taking lessons based on certain experiences such as the bitter story of Aral Lake, are the basics and cornerstone of this artist book. A stand full of soils and salts remained from the life of water pit which shall metaphorically be a basis in the procedure of mankind’s decision making for the final point of these diagrams.

    “However, presence of wastes of nature living quality occurred in the trend of creation this work inside the stand leg may both indicate the permanent persistence being in metaphoric level as well as a struggle to come back to the nature’s rules”.