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    The perspective of mankind history has always represented a broad reflect on the concern of man about his peacefully living condition to the destruction of humanity in his own bed; Earth.

    In time of discourses as: dialogue of civilizations, clash of civilizations and the world against violence and extremism (WAVE), the forgotten area for human negotiations may be the alarm that is mentioned in the reports of Golden Sachs, i.e. water, that is the oil of next century.

    Perhaps one of the most significant threats for humanity in the coming century is the water war; the threat that it referred to in the articles as written by James Ferguson; but the missing link to solve this crisis may be based on a discourse named conversation of environment!

    Urmia Lake of Iran and Balaton Lake of Hungary are both the objective examples of destroying the earth’s water bed and its profound influence on the living area of guests of the planet. Urmia is going to be dried due to improper management of water resources and it is going to become a plain of salt. After the destruction of Artemia habitat, migratory flamingos and other wildlife, salt storms are the beginning of the end of human life within the geographical range of around Lake Urmia.

    On the other hand, increased nitrate and phosphate compounds in industrial and human waste, sewages and fertilizers used in around the Balaton Lake are an increasing threat to the existence of life of the vital part of the important Lake of Hungary. This threats the food chain of living creatures and finally, it is a threat for humankinds.