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    Gold metal with the chemical sign of Au is the name of an element. Before the world war one, the financial system of several countries was based on the gold standard and then the monetary system was replaced with no fund. In the late 19th century in barbaric west age, the unaware people picked the pyrite instead of gold from reverbed. Pyrite is an inorganic metal with this chemical formula, FeS2.

    The comparing of gold and pyrite is like the comparing of Euro-centric and non-euro-centric art for me. The dominant discourse here, where is called middle-east, seems like Euro-centric art discourse with hundred years’ delay and mustiness. And as a person who is not logged in the concept of European white man’s definition, I ask myself that where I will be accommodated in the history of art.  Is there any opportunity for me to open a new discourse up in international arena? why is the western discourse as a dominant one here? Why do we still peer to the western studies? Why are we aware of the western art history & philosophy while we are disinterested in our history?

    In my perspective, the response to these questions could be hidden in comparing of gold and pyrite’s discussion. We have probably involved with the Gold Edge. We have supposed every shiny thing as a gold metal

    After Stockholm agreement market and art became so close or we just thought so, that it seems every artist who published a manifest related to art, had already had a look to the marketing likewise. Beside the change and development of the concept of art which has been the major trouble of any historic current and has also been the foundation of any contemporary artist, market was changed consciously or unconsciously to convert every detractor to the amicable economic current. Gold or pyrite?! The matter has been the shininess.

    In this work I am going to go to those pictures and texts and read them out as an original text not in the wrong way they were already done. The word “market” will be replaced instead of the word “art” in every essays. Pictures of the history of art, the walls and the floor of the gallery will be in golden colors.