Artist Statement

Human beings’ communication system is based on a linguistic system more than any other system such as clothing, food, body languages, etc. According to Derrida, however, language is an enigmatic, dynamic, and incomplete tool for communication as it’s impacted by many factors. For this reason, even though we talk to each other and make use of identical words, their meaning is not alike to us. Words are sources of misunderstanding; thus, it may be safe to say that as similarities in life experiences, society and culture increase, individuals can perceive more similar meanings of identical messages; although streaks of misunderstanding still exist.

Admitting that we learn, add, destroy, and finally fail to find meanings, I am seeking a solution beyond the conventional system of language for communication and transference of words’ meanings. To find signifiers which can be substituted for linguistic signifiers, I referred to facts and images; at times, I used five senses, specifically the sense of smell, to replace words and made use of origami as an independent linguistic system. I have presented majority of these in the form of handmade books by me.

Whether or not we believe in the idea of author’s death, to comprehend writings of a book, we have to be familiar with the corresponding linguistic conventions of one of the 7,000 living languages across the world. Books that I have presented, create chain of signifiers in the audience mind without any pre-agreed convention; they free the reader’s imagination and while they are not specifically looking for a common understanding, they make the connection possible.